What is Skillpipe?

As of 2012 all Microsoft courseware is offered via Skillpipe, a browser-based app, which enables students to read digital versions of Microsoft courseware on their computers.

All ctc TrainCanada students taking Microsoft Courses (via TrainLive and in classrooms) get access to Microsoft courseware through Skillpipe.

Skillpipe allows students to download the courseware and have access through an offline reader app.

Skillpipe offers variety of additional features such as the possibility to add highlights, bookmarks, and annotations. These features can be made  ‘social’ when you save them as “public”. Public annotations are visible to the entire class. You can choose to make your notes private – that way they will only be visible to you.

These Skillpipe features help you recover necessary material faster, find important passages within the text, and help you prepare in an effective way for a certification exam.

How do I access Skillpipe materials?

You will receive an email before your course with the courseware licence and instructions for accessing the courseware. You can access the courseware with your browser or by installing one of their apps.

View Skillpipe FAQs here for any further questions.



The video below shows how Skillpipe works:

Managing your courses

How can I download courses in the Skillpipe offline reader?

If you want to download courses into the Skillpipe offline reader, please follow the steps below:

If you already redeemed the course in the online reader, it is automatically displayed in your bookshelf when the offline reader synchronizes with the server.

The download symbol indicates that the course has not been downloaded to the reader yet. If you did not redeem the course yet, click here for more information.

Click on the course you would like to open. A pop-up window opens up, informing you that the course has not been downloaded yet. If you want to download the course, please click the ‘Yes’ button to proceed.

The progress of the download is displayed during the download process.

As soon as the course download is finished, you can open the course by clicking on it.

Please note: downloading a course to the Skillpipe offline reader requires an active internet connection. You can only download one course at a time.