Scrum Certification

ctc TrainCanada’s Scrum training courses prepare you for assessments that lead to valuable Scrum certification from the prestigious association. Founded by the co-creator of Scrum, Ken Schwaber, training and assessments help individuals, teams and organizations improve their ability to deliver software with higher levels of value and agility. The certifications require rigorous Professional Scrum assessments that in turn provide highly regarded industry certification.

Unlike other Scrum certifications that only require class attendance, assessments give their certifications teeth and ensure that they have true value in the marketplace. These assessments are challenging but our courses will give you the tools to succeed! offers four different certifications. Scrum Master certification has three levels and Product Owner has two levels of difficulty for a total of seven different certifications.


Professional Scrum Master

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) assessments demonstrate an understanding of Scrum practices and values. This certification has three assessments – PSM I demonstrates a fundamental understanding of Scrum. PSM II demonstrates an advanced level and PSM III demonstrates a distinguished level of Scum mastery. Our 2-day Professional Foundations of Scrum course will prepare you for PSM I. Our 2-day Professional Scrum Master course will prepare you for PSM II & PSM III

professional-scrum-product-owner certification

Professional Scrum Product Owner

A Scrum Product Owner is the product’s key stakeholder. A PSPO certification demonstrates that the holder understands the business value of the product and what drives it, as well as how to apply Scrum and Agile practices. This certification has two assessments – PSPO I demonstrates a fundamental understanding and PSPO II demonstrates an advanced level. Our 2-day Professional Scrum Product Owner course will prepare you for levels I and II.

professional-scrum-developer certification

Professional Scrum Developer

A Professional Scrum Developer develops complex software using Scrum, in line with Agile practices such as Test-First Development and Continuous Integration (CI) and and emergent architecture. Get prepared to pass the PSD I certification with our 3-day Professional Scrum Developer course.


scaled-professional-scrum certification

Scaled Professional Scrum

The SPS is an intermediate level assessment and is referred to as the “exoskeleton of scaled Scrum”. It is grounded in the Nexus framework for software and product development. An SPS knows Agile and Scrum inside and out and how to apply it to different Scrum teams.