Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is the starting point for individuals considering a career in technology.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification and TrainingMTA certification addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts, assesses and validates your core technical knowledge, and enhances your technical credibility. 

How to Achieve Microsoft MTA Certification

You can earn an MTA certification by passing an exam in one of the following tracks, depending on your interests and career goals. Currently, Microsoft offers MTA certification in these three tracks:

  • MTA Infrastructure: For those wanting to pursue a career in desktop or server infrastructure or private cloud computing
  • MTA Database: For those wanting to pursue a career in data platform administration or business intelligence.
  • MTA Developer: For those wanting to pursue a career as a software developer, this track helps prepare you for hands-on product training and MCSD certification.

Select your track of interest below to learn what exams qualify for MTA certification.

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MTA IT Infrastructure Track

Level CertificationCourse CodeTitleTechnology Exam
ClientLevel 1MTA: IT Infrastructure40365Windows Server Administration FundamentalsREGISTERMTA98-365
ClientLevel 1MTA: IT Infrastructure40366Networking FundamentalsREGISTERMTA98-366
ClientLevel 1MTA: IT Infrastructure40367Security FundamentalsREGISTERMTA98-367
ClientLevel 1MTA: IT Infrastructure40368Mobility & Devices FundamentalsMTA98-368
ClientLevel 1MTA: IT Infrastructure40369Cloud FundamentalsMTA98-369

MTA Database Track

Level CertificationCourse CodeTitleTechnology Exam
DatabaseLevel 1MTA: Database Fundamentals40364Database FundamentalsREGISTERMTA98-364

MTA Developer Track

Choose one exam from the following list:
Level CertificationCourse CodeTitleTechnology Exam
DevelopmentLevel 1MTA: Software Development40361Software Development FundamentalsREGISTERMTA98-361
DevelopmentLevel 1MTA: Software Development40375HTML5 Application Development FundamentalsMTA98-375
DevelopmentLevel 1MTA: Software DevelopmentMVASoftware Testing Fundamentals MTA98-379

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