ITIL Intermediate Certification

NOTE: It is mandatory to have the ITIL® Foundation Certification before taking an ITIL Intermediate Certification.

The ITIL Intermediate Certification has a modular structure with each module holding a different focus. Candidates can take as few or as many Intermediate qualifications as they require to suit their needs. The intermediate modules are split into two streams and contain more detail than the foundation level. ITIL certifications are industry-recognized qualifications.

Which ITIL Intermediate Certification is it right for me?

If you are seeking a management/team leader role in your company that requires a broad management focus of ITIL practice areas and work across teams or manage multiple capability areas, the Service Lifecycle modules (3 credits) will be of interest to you:

If you are looking to gain intense, specialized, process-level knowledge in one or more process, with focus on the day-to-day execution of ITIL® practices, the Service Capability modules (4 credits) will be of interest to you:

Some individuals may wish to concentrate on one stream of modules however, candidates may also choose to select modules from both Service Lifecycle and Service Capability streams to gain a holistic view of an entire stage from both a high-level management level and the detailed, technical perspective.

Managing Across the Lifecycle Qualification completes the Intermediate stream. This particular module provides five credits and is aimed at those candidates interested in achieving ITIL Expert Certification, for which this module is a key requirement.