Cisco Certification Training

Kick-start your networking career with a Cisco certification

Cisco trainingWith a worldwide shortage of qualified networking professionals forecast, now is the time to advance your career with a Cisco certification.  A Cisco certification can help you meet an industry standard, make your résumé stand out among the competition, or create the potential for an increased salary.  If you are an employer, a recent study claimed that Cisco certified employees are 40% more successful on average at completing IT projects.

Now is the time to get competitive and add a Cisco certification to your résumé.  ctc TrainCanada has a full curriculum of Cisco certified courses to get you ready.

Cisco Certification Training Overview

We offer authorized Cisco certification courses on 6 areas of technology for 3 levels of certification; Entry (CCENT), Associate (CCNA) and Professional (CCNP). Identify your path and choose the right course from the table below to get started!

CollaborationCCNA CollaborationCCNP CollaborationCCIE Collaboration
Data CenterCCTCCNA Data CenterCCNP Data CenterCCIE Data Center
Routing & SwitchingCCENT / CCTCCNA Routing & SwitchingCCNP Routing & SwitchingCCIE Routing & Switching
SecurityCCENTCCNA SecurityCCNP SecurityCCIE Security
WirelessCCENTCCNA WirelessCCIE Wireless