New partnership with ClipTraining for an enhanced training experience

By Carl Sawatzky
Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

cliptraining partnership We are excited to announce a new partnership with ClipTraining! This partnership will allow our students access to an eLearning library outside our classrooms and offer quick refreshers on what they have learned.

The ClipTraining library is accessible for Microsoft Office and Adobe students right now. You just need to login to the student portal on our website to see all the videos.

ClipTraining provides an eLearning library of to-the-point video lessons and migration resources that raises user productivity to new heights and improves training retention. Students will be able to view short direct videos to answer questions as they’re working.

This new partnership will improve the student’s experience with desktop application training and reinforce topics that are covered during training in a work environment. This new addition is just one more reason we are Canada’s number one choice for desktop application training!

Take a quick tour of ClipTraining and see all the powerful features designed to improve your productivity!



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