Guaranteed To Run Policy

All registrations are tentative, pending approval by ctc TrainCanada. Once your registration has been approved and you have received a confirmation of registration, ctc TrainCanada take’s great pride in our ability to deliver your course without cancelling or rescheduling due to low enrollment.

In order to maintain this industry leading Guaranteed To Run offer, ctc TrainCanada may personalize business application courses with two or less students. Personalized courses cover the course material using a focused Instructor led training methodology over a shorter duration. Students in a personalized course receive individualized attention from the Instructor, ensuring that their unique learning needs are met. In addition, all training courses (Business Application, Technical, MOC, LBS, etc.) may be delivered using our award winning TrainLive delivery method. TrainLive allows the instructor to connect students in multiple locations into one classroom. Find out more about TrainLive.

Minimum Student Requirements

· Business Application Courses – 1 Student

· Business Application Courses in French – 2 Students

· Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) non-developer courses – 3 Students

· Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) developer courses – 4 Students

· Leadership and Business Skills Courses – 4 Students