Six Adobe Photoshop Tools to Turn Those Bad Pictures Into Professional Shots (Recorded Webinar)

Date: November 01, 2017
Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT
Cost: $0

Adobe Photoshop TrainingWith the proliferation of digital cameras and ubiquitous phone-cams, we are seeing more images being used today that are not shot by professional photographers with studio lighting and specialized lenses. Some images capture a really important moment with great people, but the image is technically poor – bad lighting, contrast, colour cast, unwanted elements and areas obliterated by bright or dark zones. Now you can learn how to fix those images!

This webinar recorded on November 1, 2017 will cover the following six valuable tools you need to know:

  • Curves vs Levels adjustments to adjust contrast
  • Eliminating colour cast with the Hue/Saturation adjustment
  • Correct use of the Red Eye tool
  • Portraiture fix-up techniques with the Healing and Dodge tools
  • Smart techniques for the Clone Stamp tool
  • Dealing with low resolution images creatively with Modes

Don’t throw away the bad pictures – they can be fixed! Watch this webinar and learn Adobe Photoshop tips and techniques that will perfect your bad pictures and make you look like a pro!

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