TrainLive® – Our Virtual Learning Solution

Enjoy the same in-class experience remotely with instructors and labs from the comfort of your home or office with TrainLive.

Remote training

You can’t always make it to a classroom. With TrainLive, we bring the classroom to you! Avoid the time and money spent on travelling or commuting and attend a live class from the comfort of your home or office. Attend a TrainLive remotely and you will benefit from:

  • Live video instruction
  • Hands-on exercised with 24-hour access to labs
  • Interaction with fellow in-class and remote students
  • Breakout groups

How does TrainLive work?

Our TrainLive classrooms are powered by Citrix Gotomeeting.

TrainLive requires a high-speed internet connection, and either two computers or one computer with dual displays for the best experience possible.

Once you have signed up for a class, you will be directed to your student portal which will contain everything you need to know about your upcoming course as well as the connection details to join the TrainLive session.

How does TrainLive work? Video
TrainLive blends traditional classroom instruction, multiple training locations, and best-of-class conferencing technology.

Questions About TrainLive?

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about TrainLive technology. If you still cannot find the answer to your question feel free to contact us through LiveChat or Contact form to the right.

TrainLive Technical Support

With our TrainLive training, students can attend these same live classes from anywhere using a high-speed Internet connection.  In fact, it’s the exact same experience that our in-class students have come to expect. However as with all technology, issues may arise.  If so, our technical support staff is on standby to assist. Please contact us in one of the following ways to resolve this immediately –

Upon registration in your course you will receive an email explaining how to create or access your student portal. Your connection information as well as connection tests are accessed through your student portal.

TrainLive Q&A

What’s Trainlive?

TrainLive   is an innovative training solution that delivers blends traditional classroom instruction, multiple training locations, and the best-of-class conferencing technology. It allows students to take training from any remote location where there is access to high-speed internet. You can take your training from your office or home and have the same immersive, interactive experience of the classroom.  Learn more about our TrainLive technology.

Is a TrainLive instructor led class the same as physically being in the classroom?

Students receiving IT training through the TrainLive training environment will have the same great courseware and the same great instructors as they would in a physical class. Our Train Live classrooms are powered by two main software applications: Citrix Gotomeeting and LogMeIn.

These world-class systems allow for students to receive the same training over the Internet as they would in a physical classroom. TrainLive is not like “distance learning” or “eLearning” classes. There are two major things that make the TrainLive experience different.

First TrainLive is centered on classroom instruction. As a result, the flow and feel of the class is almost exactly the same as a regular instructor-led training.

Second, unlike a web seminar where you are just watching a presentation, with TrainLive you have a second connection into the training room that allows you to run the software for the class. This gives you the ability to follow along with the instructor and do practice labs as you normally would during the class.

The table below highlights some of the differences between TrainLive and other synchronous training classes.

Distance Learning

TrainLive Instruction

Instructor Presentation Mostly one-way communication with little interaction. When combined with large class sizes, there is very little student interaction. Interactive with students encouraged to ask questions. When combined with small class sizes, students and the instructor develop a rap­port.
Labs Conducted outside of the class. If you get busy, labs might not be attempted. Conducted during the class. This ensures that you will have the time to do the lab.
Getting Help Little or no “real time” assistance available. Student may be able to ask questions via email or text chat. Instructor can see student’s screen and offer as­sistance as issues are encountered. With headset students simply speak up if they have questions.
Class Flow Lectures up to 3 hours in duration followed by independent lab time. Short explanation, demonstrations and ques­tions, followed by hands-on labs—just like a regular instructor-led class. Classes typically run from 9:00 to 4:00.
Class Size Can go as high as 40 to 60 participants. Can go as high as 18. Average class size is under 12.

What are the system requirements for the TrainLive Environment?

Hardware Requirements: P4, Min 2 GB-

– Dual Monitor Setup (Three preferred to facilitate browsing through digital courseware)

– Headset with a microphone

– Software Requirements: Windows XP/ Windows 7/Windows 8 TrainLive requires a high-speed internet connection, and either two computers or one computer with dual displays for the best experience possible.

– Everything else required will be supplied through the TrainLive learning environment.

– When you register for your TrainLive class you will receive an email with all necessary information to access your digital courseware, lab servers and live instructor presentation. Our TrainLive support team will contact you to test your connection and make sure you have everything you need prior to your class.

– TrainLive students will require headset. TrainLive works with both conventional analogue devices as well as with the digital USB headsets.

How does the audio and video work for participating in Remote Classroom Training?

Audio is available to the students and instructor over the Internet (no phone lines are required).Video (via web cams) is an optional feature in the classroom. The instructor may broadcast a video feed for presentations and lecture. Students who have working web cams may choose to broadcast a video feed back to the TrainLive classroom environment.

Do I need a phone to participate in the training?

No. Audio communications for TrainLive will happen over the Internet. Students will need a headset connected to their computers to be able to hear and communicate with the instructor and other students.

Will I be able to see the instructor during the training?

Video (via web cams) is an optional feature in the classroom. The instructor may broadcast a video feed for presentations and lecture.Students who have working web cams may choose to broadcast a video feed back to the TrainLive classroom environment.

What happens if I have a question for the instructor?

The TrainLive interface is very robust in communication and collaboration tools. Students who wish to interact with the Instructor may do so by any number of methods. The primary method is to unmute your headset and just speak to the instructor through your headset microphone. Other commonly used collaboration tools are classroom chat (public and private), “raise hand”, emoticons (laughter, applause, disapproval, confusion), and polling.

Will I have access to lab exercises after or before class start and ending times?

Students will have access to lab exercises from the morning of the first day to the end-of-day of the last day of training

What if I have difficulty with my Internet connection beyond my control, can I get a refund for the days I missed?

In the event that students have technical difficulty with their Internet connection that is beyond their control, they can show us a trouble ticket from their ISP provider for the days and times they were without a connection.This will help us determine whether to reschedule class for that student or provide a partial refund of class tuition.

What time does class start and what time zone?

Typical class times are 9am – 5pm EST*.

Class times will be confirmed two weeks prior to your class start date.