Windows Server Training Edmonton

Attend a Windows Server Training Course in Edmonton to upgrade your server deployment, installation and management skills.

Windows Server Training Courses in Edmontonctc TrainCanada’s Edmonton branch is well-equipped to deliver immersive, practical training to IT professionals in charge of Windows server management.

Students will learn how to configure server roles and features, set up virtualization using Hyper-V, deploy core network services, install Active Directory and create group policies.

ctc TrainCanada’s Edmonton branch offers certified Microsoft courses packed with hands-on labs and real-life scenarios allowing students to transfer the new skills to their workplaces.

Take advantage of ctc TrainCanada’s award-winning remote delivery technology, TrainLive, which lets students log in to a course from any internet-accessible location.

Windows Server Training Courses in Edmonton

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About our Edmonton Branch

Address: 10060 Jasper Ave. Suite 810 Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8 Phone: 780-442-1620 Fax: 780-409-8057

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, within easy reach of major hotels on 10060 Jasper Ave NW with easy access to:

  • Public parking
  • Accommodations in several nearby hotels
  • Off and on-site restaurants
  • Nearby shops and entertainment


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