Microsoft System Center Training Calgary

Attend a Microsoft System Center Training course in Calgary to learn about hybrid cloud, network virtualization and datacenter management.

Microsoft System Center Training CalgaryThe advent of new technologies is creating new challenges for IT-driven businesses worldwide. Social integration, proliferation of smart phones and tablets, and big data are just a few IT trends that triggered significant changes to how IT is delivered, leading to a growing interest in cloud computing.

To answer these challenges, Microsoft’s Cloud OS offers various combinations of private, public, and service provider clouds that are commonly referred to as hybrid cloud architectures. The cloud solution from Microsoft relies on Windows Server, Windows Azure, and System Center.

ctc TrainCanada’s Calgary branch offers Microsoft System Center training courses as part of the Microsoft Cloud OS training program.

System Center Training Courses in Calgary

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About Our Calgary Office

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Calgary, located at Panarctic Plaza we have easy access to:

  • Public transportation through the Calgary LRT system, with stops in both directions one block away
  • Public parking
  • Accommodations in several nearby hotels
  • Off-site restaurants nearby shops and entertainment
Address: 815 – 8th Ave. SW, Suite 300, Panarctic Plaza, Calgary, AB T2P 3P2
Phone: 403-216-8464
Fax: 403-262-1185

Directions to our Calgary branch

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