Lean IT Training and Certification Courses

Learn Lean IT management techniques with ctc TrainCanada’s Lean IT Training programs.

Lean management is spreading like wildfire across industries, and it hasn’t taken long for IT departments to evolve alongside this framework.

Lean IT Training Courses

As an IT leader, you will need to understand the value of core Lean management principles to succeed.

Regardless of your current knowledge or experience in technology, our Lean IT training program can get you to the next level of success and efficiency.

Here are a few reasons to choose ctc TrainCanada for Lean IT training:

  • Reduce service delivery costs and defects in software development
  • Achieve Foundation and Yellow Belt certification
  • Shorten time to release
  • Increase successful changes
  • Improve server to system admin ratio
  • Strengthen alignment of people, process and technology
  • Bolster employee engagement and customer retention
  • Tailored to IT matters

Our focused training is led by a Master Black Belt, who is an expert in the application of Lean principles.

If you want to get the right education, sign up with use for an experiential approach to Lean IT skills development!

Lean IT Training

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