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SP10BC: SharePoint 2010 for Site Members & Site Owners


This 4-day class is the most comprehensive SharePoint Business User course on the market covering Site Members and Site Owners. This training presents students with a ground-up understanding of how to use, operate and build sites in a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 environment.

This course is not eligible for Software Assurance Vouchers


This course is intended for business users both new to SharePoint as well as those new to SharePoint 2010. Students should have an understanding of the Windows Operating systems, Internet Explorer, and the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Course Content

Introducing Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010

  • Describe Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Describe the Team Site Interface Elements

Working with Lists

  • Add List Items
  • Modify List Items
  • Change List Views

Working with Libraries

  • Add Documents to a Library
  • Edit Library Documents
  • Share Documents Across Libraries
  • Create Wiki Pages
  • Request Access to SharePoint Content

Communicating with Team Members

  • Participate in a Discussion Board
  • Contribute to Blogs
  • Collaborate via the People and Groups List

 Working Remotely with SharePoint Content

  • Access SharePoint Content from Mobile Devices
  • Work Offline with SharePoint Content in Microsoft Office 2010
  •  Work Offline with Shared Calendars

Customizing Your SharePoint Environment

  • Customize Personal and Regional Settings
  • Personalize the Page View with Web Parts
  • Create an Alert
  • Subscribe to an RSS Feed

Creating a Team Site

  • Create a Site
  • Create a List
  • Create a Library
  • Create a Discussion Board
  • Create a Survey

Performing Basic Site Administration

  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Manage Site Look and Feel

Branding a Site Collection

  • Describe the SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • Create a Custom Look and Feel for a Site Collection
  • Create a Custom Site Layout

Managing Lists

  • Perform Calculations on List Data
  • Create Custom Lists
  • Customize List Settings

Managing Libraries

  • Perform Advanced Operations on a Library
  • Create a Library Template

Managing Form Libraries

  • Create a Form Library
  • Customize a Form Template Using InfoPath

Managing Content Structures

  • Create a Content Type
  • Apply Content Types

Managing Workflows

  • Add a Default Workflow
  • Create a Custom Workflow

Working with Indexing and Searching

  • Index Content
  • Enable Search Options

Working Offline Using SharePoint Workspace 2010

  • Synchronize a SharePoint Site on the Local Computer Topic
  • Perform Offline Operations on a SharePoint Site

Managing SharePoint Applications Using Central Administration

  • Create a Site Collection
  • Administer a Site Collection
  • Administer a Web Application

Managing User Access

  • Manage Permissions
  • Describe Authentication Modes

Managing Site Security

  • Set Web Part Security
  • Set Antivirus Options
  • Manage Blocked File Types

Managing Site Usage

  • Set Site Collection Quotas and Locks
  • Monitor Site Usage

Managing Site Maintenance

  • Recover Lost Information
  • Perform a Granular Backup
  • Restore a Granular Backup
  • Perform a Farm Backup
  • Restore a Farm Backup 


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