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Program Management



This course is designed for anyone involved in the development and execution of organizational strategy. It is for program managers as well as people whose role interacts with programs, including portfolio managers, project managers, operational managers, and executives. You will learn to employ program management as a tool for ensuring the delivery of organizational benefits. You will also learn to use proven approaches and techniques specific to program management in complex, multi-project environments.

Students pursuing a university-recognized and/or accredited certificate in Canada or continuing education units in the US must attend at least 90% of class time, participate in class exercises and section-knowledge checks, and score at least 70% on an end-of-class, multiple-choice assessment.


  • Distinguish among the roles and responsibilities of program managers, portfolio managers, and project managers
  • Align program management efforts and outcomes to organizational priorities and strategic objectives
  • Build a program business case and program plan
  • Monitor and control programs throughout the program life cycle
  • Apply principles and techniques necessary to ensure that programs deliver maximum benefit
  • Analyze and engage program stakeholders


  1. Program Management Foundations
    • Programs in the Context of Organizational Project Management
    • The Standard for Program Management
    • Program Success
  2. Establishing a Program
    • Program Strategy
    • Component Management
    • Estimating and Scheduling
    • Program Risk Management Planning
    • Stakeholder Engagement Planning
    • Quality Principles
    • Governance Planning
  3. Running and Program
    • Benefits Management
    • Stakeholder Expectations Management
    • Risk and Issue Management
    • Program Control
  4. Closing a Program
    • Initiating Program Closure
    • Transitioning Projects and Components
    • Closure Activities


  • Project Management Fundamentals (course 2868)
  • IT Project Management (course 2819)
  • Applied Project Management (course 2807)


  • Senior executives responsible for implementing organizational strategy
  • Managers responsible for implementing organizational strategy
  • Portfolio managers, project managers, and program managers
  • Members of portfolio, program, or project offices
  • Operational managers who are impacted or impact programs
  • Project team members, customers, and other stakeholders of program management processes



Hands-On Activities:

  • Define Terminology
  • Establish Programs
  • Build a Program Business Case
  • Develop a Program Plan
  • Develop a Program Roadmap
  • Develop a Program Benefits Register
  • Develop a Program Benefits Realization Plan
  • Analyze Stakeholders
  • Plan Program Communications
  • Plan Program Schedule and Scope 

Follow-On Courses 

  • Project Troubleshooting and Recovery (2816)
  • Project Portfolio Management (2817)