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CSSINT: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – Level 1 / Intro


Course Description

This course uses CSS Level 1 to perform tasks which cannot be done using HTML alone including text formatting overlapping layers and creating browser specific content.


This course requires fundamental knowledge of HTML including document design text formatting images hyperlinks tables and frames. A previous introduction to DHTML would be extremely helpful.

Course Content

  • Understand CSS
    What is a StyleWhat are Cascading Style SheetsVersions of CSSTypes of CSS RulesThe Parts of a CSS RuleKinds of HTML Tags.
  • CSS Basics
    Add CSS to an HTML TagAdd CSS to a Web PageAdd CSS to a Web SiteDefine an HTML TagDefine ClassesDefine IdsCreate Inline HTML TagsCreate Block-Level HTML TagsDefine Tags with the Same RulesDefine Tags in ContextMake a Definition ImportantInherit Properties from ParentManage Existing or Inherited Property ValuesDetermine the Cascade OrderSet the CSS for PrintAdd Comments to CSSStyle-Sheet Strategies.
  • Font Controls
    Understand Typography on the WebUse Type on the WebSet the FontDownload FontsUse Browser Safe FontsSet the Font SizeMake Text ItalicSet BoldBolderBoldestCreate MinicapsSet Multiple Font Values.
  • Text Controls
    Adjust KerningAdjust Word SpacingAdjust LeadingSet Text CaseAlign Text LeftRightand CenterAlign Text VerticallyIndent ParagraphsDecorate TextControl White SpaceSet Page Breaks for Print.
  • List and Mouse Controls
    Set up a ListSet the Bullet StyleCreate a Hanging IndentCreate your Own BulletsChange the Mouse Pointers Appearance.
  • Colour and Background Controls
    Set the BackgroundSet Individual Background PropertiesSet a Foreground Colour.
  • Border and Margin Controls
    Understand the Elements BoxSet the Width and Height of an ElementSet an Elements’s MarginsSet an Elements BorderDecorate an Elements BorderSet an Elements PaddingSet a Tables Borders and MarginsWrap Text Around an ElementPrevent Text from WrappingTell an Element How to Display.
  • Position Controls
    Understand the WindowSet the Position TypeSet the Position from the Top and LeftSet the Position from the Bottom and RightStack Objects – 3-D Positioning -Nest an Absolute Element in a Relative ElementNest a Relative Element in an Absolute Element.
  • Visibility Controls
    Set the Visibility of an ElementSet the Visible Area of an Element – Clipping -Set Where the Overflow Goes.
  • Dynamic Techniques CSS
    Change a DefinitionChange an Objects ClassAdd a New RuleDisable a Style Sheet.
  • Web Page Layout
    Netscape CSS Bug FixSet the CSS for the OS.
  • Debug your code
    Troubleshoot CSSValidate Your CSSCross-Browser Conundrums.
  • The future of the Dynamic Web
    Why Standards MatterExtensible Markup Language – XML -Extensible Hypertext MarkupLanguage – XHTML -Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language – SMIL -Scalable Vector Graphics – SVG -What’s Next CSS Level 3.