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PUB10: Microsoft Publisher 2010 – Complete


Duration: 1 Day

Course Description

Students will learn how to interact with Publisher, create basic publications, edit and format text, and print publications.


It is highly recommended that students be comfortable with Microsoft Windows and other parts of the Microsoft Office suite.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Get familiar with the Publisher 2010 environment and start working on a publication.
  • Modify the layout and structure of a publication.
  • Format text in a publication.
  • Create a new publication.
  • Work with shapes.
  • Prepare a publication for distribution.


This course is intended for persons with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word who need to learn how to use Microsoft® Publisher 2010 to create, layout, and edit publications.

Course Content

Starting Out

  • Meeting Microsoft Office Publisher 2010
  • Creating a Publication
  • Working with Text
  • Doing More with Your Publication
  • Working with Your Publication
  • Getting Help in Publisher

The Publisher Interface

  • Getting Acquainted
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Tabs and Groups
  • The Home Tab
  • The Insert Tab
  • The View Tab

Advanced Tabs and Customization

  • The Page Design Tab
  • The Mailings Tab
  • The Review Tab
  • The Drawing Tools Tab
  • The Text Box Tools Tab
  • Contextual Tabs
  • Customizing the Ribbon

Creating Publications

  • Creating a New Publication
  • Setting Up Your Pages and Publications
  • Working with Pages
  • Moving Text
  • Applying Advanced Text Effects
  • Adding Building Blocks

Doing More with Text

  • Fonts on the Home Tab
  • Setting Paragraph Options
  • Setting Text and Typography Options
  • Formatting the Text Box
  • Working with Text Boxes and Objects
  • Formatting the Page

Printing and Viewing Your Publication

  • Using Layouts and Views
  • Using Viewing Tools
  • Preparing Your Publication
  • Finishing a Publication

Managing Your Publications

  • Using Windows Explorer within Publisher
  • Working with Publisher Files
  • Working with Business Information
  • Sharing a Publication
  • Working with Templates

Using Formatting and Language Tools

  • Using the Paragraph Dialog
  • Adding Special Text Elements
  • Creating Custom Schemes
  • Linking Text Boxes
  • Using Spelling Tools and AutoCorrect
  • Using Research Tools

Working with Shapes

  • Adding Shapes
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Grouping Shapes

Working with Illustrations

  • Adding Tables
  • Formatting Tables
  • Working with WordArt

Adding Pictures to Your Publication

  • Inserting Pictures
  • Formatting Pictures
  • Working with Pictures
  • Changing Pictures

Making a Publication Consistent

  • Creating Master Pages
  • Applying Master Pages
  • Using Styles
  • Using Typography Tools

Working with Building Blocks

  • Adding Page Parts
  • Adding Calendars
  • Adding Borders and Accents
  • Adding Advertisements

Working with Mail Merges

  • Using the Mail Merge Wizard
  • Performing a Manual Mail Merge
  • Following Up on the Merge
  • Creating a Catalog
  • Completing your Catalog

Advanced Topics

  • Using the Graphics Manager
  • Using the Design Checker
  • Managing Commercial Print Settings 
  • Changing Common Publisher Options

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