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OUT13INT: Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Level 1 / Intro


Duration: 1 day

Course Description

Microsoft Outlook is integrated information management software. Students will learn to navigate the Outlook interface, send and receive e-mail, work with contact, calendars, task lists, notes, and the journal.


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with Windows, and basic MS Office skills.

Course Content

Explore the Outlook Interface

  • Navigate the Outlook Interface
  • Use and customize Outlook Today
  • Perform Basic Email Functions
  • Preview and Print Panel
  • Use and Customize the To-Do Bar
  • Use Outlook Help

Creating E-mail Messages

  • Create, Edit, Delete, Print, Save and Send Messages
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Formatting Message Content
  • Using Attachments and Embedding Outlook Objects
  • Enhance an Email Message
  • Managing Autoreplies and their content

Working with Reading Options and Attachments

  • Customize your Reading View
  • Working with and Saving Attachments
  • Manage Your Email Responses

Inbox (Email)

  • Managing Email Message Options
  • Managing Your Inbox
  • Using Colour Categories

Appointments and Meetings (The Calendar)

  • Changing Your Calendar Views
  • Managing Your Appointments
  • Managing Your Meetings
  • Printing Your Calendar in Different Formats


  • Create and Edit a Contact
  • Drag and Drop Email to Create Contacts
  • Contact Groups
  • Changing your Contact Views


  • Create Tasks
  • Edit Tasks
  • Working with Tasks in Calendar View
  • Change Task Views


  • Create a Note
  • Edit Notes
  • Notes Options

The Outlook Interface

  • Using Outlook Options
  • Create Quick Steps
  • Manage Quick Steps