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Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making




Learn how to be an inventive, logical decision maker by understanding the principles behind critical thinking and the tools used to consistently identify and select the best option decision among multiple alternatives. In this course, you’ll explore a structured way to approach and dismantle problems, with a view toward optimum outcomes.

Applying the techniques of critical thinking allows you to dismantle complex problems and to understand the inputs and implications of your thought processes. By applying problem analysis and good practices Through rapid skill development of best practices, you’ll be able to develop positions and arrive at decisions on issues that are logical and explicable to others. After completing the course, you’ll understand why most decisions are of poor quality and you will be able to impose quality controls on both your decisions and the decisions of others.


  • Natural barriers to sound reasoning
  • Bias and assumptions in problem analysis
  • Thought processes and reasoning
  • Analytical techniques for comparing alternative solutions
  • Structure, standards, and ethics of critical thinking
  • Problem analysis best practices



1. Introduction to Decision Making

What’s a Decision?

High Quality vs. Low Quality Decisions

Becoming a Better Decision-Maker


2. Barriers to Brilliant Decisions

Instinctive Decision-Making

Barriers to Sound Reasoning

Outlook vs. Reality


3. Critical Thinking

What Is Critical Thinking?

Structures of Thinking

Thinking with Standards

Sophistry and Intellectual Ethics


4. Problem Analysis Guidelines

Opening the Mind

10 Best Practice Guidelines

Structuring Techniques

Putting It All Together


5. The Decision

Who Decides?

Who Should Decide?

Take Home Message 



This course provides an introduction to structured decision making. It is intended for any professional who is new to formal problem analysis, or will be, making important business decisions, including: department managers, directors, supervisors, project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers, program managers, associate project managers, stakeholders, team members, and all others responsible for resource allocations.



This course qualifies you for the following PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs):

Classroom Live and Virtual Classroom Live

  • Leadership = 10

  • Strategic and Business Management = 4

Total = 14


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