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CRM1601: Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (80802)


About this course

The Sales Management course within Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a flexible framework for organizations to track, manage, and analyze parts of their sales cycle as well as its overall success. This course describes the components used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Management and explains how they can apply to various business scenarios. It also details the entities or record types that Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses to track sales from potential to close. With this information, organizations can determine which aspects of the Sales module framework are appropriate for their organization. The Sales Management course provides information on the full functionality of the Sales functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. It provides information about various customer scenarios, lead through opportunity management, product catalog management, sales transaction processing, goal management, and sales analysis.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for individuals that plan to implement, use, maintain, or support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 in their organization. The training is intended for sales representatives, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and consultants who want to learn the available sales features within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Course Outline

Module 01: Introduction to Sales Management

  • Customer Scenarios
  • Basic Record Types
  • Business and Branching Process Flows
  • Sales Literature
  • Competitors
  • Sales Territories
  • Currency Configuration
  • Microsoft Social Engagement

Module 02: Sales Module Setup

  • Add Line Items to Opportunities
  • Write-In Products
  • Different Currencies
  • Exchange Rates
  • Quotes from Opportunities
  • Quote Management
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Goal Management

Module 03: Lead Management

  • Role of Lead and Opportunity Records
  • Lead Opportunity Process Form and Ribbon
  • Track and Convert Leads

Module 04: Opportunity Records

  • Understand Opportunities
  • Opportunity Management
  • Closing Opportunities
  • Connect with Records
  • View Resolution Activities
  • Opportunities and Views
  • Quick Create

Module 05: Sales Transactional Records

  • Product Catalog Components
  • Unit Groups
  • Product Configuration
  • Price Lists
  • Tailored Price Lists
  • Discount Lists
  • Currency Management
  • Product Relationships
  • Product Families and Properties
  • Product Bundles and Relationships
  • Products in Hierarchical Charts

Module 06: Metric and Goals

  • Sales Metrics
  • Fiscal Periods
  • Goals
  • Parent and Child Goals
  • Rollup Queries

Module 07: Fantasy Sales Team

  • What is Gamification and FantasySalesTeam?
  • FantasySalesTeam Portal
  • Player Roles and Account Types
  • Choosing Game Types
  • Sales Metrics
  • Player Position and Alignment
  • Scoring Methods
  • Trophies, Badges, and Prizes
  • Kick-Off
  • Managing Outcomes
  • FST TV Feeds
  • Interacting with the Game as a Player or Fan
  • Game Administration
  • Game Cloning
  • Email Scheduling

Module 08: Sales Analysis

  • Built-In Reports
  • Export Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data
  • Charts and Dashboards
  • Types of Charts
  • System Charts
  • Work with Dashboards
  • Share Dashboards, Charts, and Queries
  • PowerBI Dashboards