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AILADV: Adobe Illustrator – Level 2 & 3 / Advanced


(Available versions: CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC)

Course Description
You will create complex illustrations, trace graphics, add masks and effects, work with graphs, set advanced print, web and mobile device options, and add interactivity. This course is intended for people working in design or marketing professions who want to maximize their Illustrator skills.
Prerequisites include an introductory course in Illustrator or equivalent working knowledge of the software

Course Outline
Use Bitmap Filters and the Filter Gallery
Use Color Filters
Rasterize Objects
Create Complex Illustrations
Use the Pathfinder Panel
Create Compound Paths
Offset Paths
Erase Shapes
Use Perspective Drawing
Use the Shape Builder Tool
Use the Draw Inside Mode
Select and Draw Behind
Use Symbols
Use the Symbol Panel and Symbol Sprayer Tool
Modify Symbols Using Symbol Sprayer Tools Flyout
Create Custom Brushes
Create a Pattern Swatch
Create a Mesh
Modify Global Colours
Use the Appearance Panel
Create A Vector Version Of a Raster Graphic
Manually Trace
Live Trace
Adjust Tracing Results
Apply a Custom Preset
Convert a Tracing Object to Paths
Colour Artwork Using Live Paint
Apply Colour Using Live Paint
Correct Gaps in Objects
Convert Objects to Live Paint Groups
Colour Objects in Groups
Apply Colour Using Live Colour
Simplify Paths
Create, Edit and Remove Masks
Create and Use Clipping Masks
Modify Clipping Masks in Isolation Mode
Use the Effect Gallery
Edit Effects
Use Resolution Independent Effects
Create Blends and use the Blend Tool
Create 3D Effects
Share Graphic Styles
Working With Graphs
Create a Graph
Format a Graph
Use the Actions Panel
Record , Edit and Play Actions
Save and Load Sets
Resetting and Replacing Sets
Create Variables
Create Datasets
Creating Images For The Web And Mobile Devices
Use Web Safe RGB
Create Slices
Add SVG Interactivity
Create Web Page Headings
Optimize Web Graphics
Work in Raster View
Create JavaScript Rollovers
Use Image Maps
Export Web Graphics
Preview an Illustration for Mobile Devices
Saving For The Web
Images for the Web
Saving in GIF Format
Saving in JPEG Format
Saving in PNG Format 
Advanced Printing
Adding Bleeds and Crop Marks
Tile Pages
Print Oversized Documents
Printing Oversized Documents
Print a Composite Proof
Preview and Print Separations
Using Separations Dialog Box
Scale Documents
Trap Shapes and Text
Use Adobe Kuler, Live Colour and Separations Panels
Create Multiple Artboards
Add and Reorder Artboards
Advanced Exporting
Export Multiple Artboards
Edit PDF files
Export Bitmap Images
Export Methods
Export to PDF Files  and Vector Images
Export Layers as an Animation
Exporting to a Flash Format
Use Scripts
Use Round Trip Editing for Adobe Flash Catalyst