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ACP10INT: Adobe Acrobat Pro (Prior to Version 10) – Level 1 / Intro


Duration: 2 days

Course Description

You may have used different applications to create documents for your own reference. However, you may now be required to share your files electronically by email, over a network, or on the web, so that recipients can view, print, and offer feedback. In this course, you will use Adobe Acrobat 9.0 to make your information more portable, accessible, and useful to meet the needs of your target audience.


Basic experience with computers and common Microsoft applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and web browser applications.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will create and work with PDF documents. You will: Access information in a PDF document Create and save PDF documents Navigate content in a PDF document Modify PDF documents Review PDF documents Convert PDF documents.


This course is for individuals who are new to Adobe Acrobat Pro, but need to create and share PDF files and PDF portfolios. Students should have some experience using office productivity applications, such as word processor, a multimedia presentation application, or a spreadsheet application.

Course Content

Explore the Acrobat Environment

  • Open a PDF Document
  • Browse Through a PDF Document
  • Change View Modes
  • Use and Customize Toolbars
  • Navigate using BookMarks, Links and Articles
  • Conduct a Simple Search
  • Use Help
  • Open an Attachment

Create PDF Documents

  • Create a PDF Document Using Microsoft Applications
  • Create a PDF Document Using the Print Command
  • Create a PDF Document from Web Pages
  • Create a PDF Document Using Email Applications
  • Create a PDF Document Using Acrobat
  • Create a Blank PDF and add/Format text using the Text Toolbar
  • Create a PDF from multiple files

Modify PDF’S

  • Add, Insert, Extract, Reorder, Delete Pages
  • Use the Pages Panel
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Customize Page Numbering
  • Add and Edit Text
  • Add Images
  • Add Backgrounds and Watermarks
  • Move and Resize Objects
  • Extract content

Add PDF Navigation

  • Create Bookmarks
  • Use the Bookmarks Panel
  • Customize and Nest Bookmarks
  • Create and Edit Links
  • Create and Modify an Article

Review and Annotate a PDF

  • Initiate a PDF Review
  • Add Notes, Annotations and Stamps
  • Create a Custom Stamp
  • Create File Annotations
  • Use Graphics to Mark up Pages
  • Mark up Text with Annotations
  • Delete Annotations
  • Filter Annotations
  • Import Comments
  • Create a Comment Summary

Work with Multiple PDF’s

  • Organize into a Collection
  • Create a PDF Portfolio (Acrobat 9 only)
  • Redact PDF’s
  • Search Multiple PDF’s


  • Add Security to a PDF
  • Create a Digital ID
  • Digitally Sign a PDF
  • Import and Verify a Digital Signature