Introducing Windows Server 2016 – eBook

By Carl Sawatzky
Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Can Windows Server 2016 modernize your IT infrastructure?

introducing-windows-server-2016-ebookRegardless of the size of your enterprise, the demand on what IT must deliver is rapidly changing.  Can your applications and infrastructure meet the demands placed on it? Can you meet the rate of innovation the cloud offers or the agility and speed of delivery?

Even if you can’t or don’t want to move to the cloud today, it is still important that you begin to modernize your infrastructure so that you can take advantage of all the developments the cloud has to offer.  This eBook will show you how you can get cloud ready with Windows Server 2016. It will focus on the following three pillars that Microsoft focused on in developing Windows Server 2016:

  • Security
  • Software-Defined Datacenter
  • Application Platform

Download this eBook today to learn how Microsoft has used these pillars to develop innovative features and incorporate them directly into Windows Server 2016.

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