The Five Top IT Certifications for 2017 in Canada

By Carl Sawatzky
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

top it certificationsCanada is facing a serious labour shortage. A report from the Conference Board of Canada estimates that B.C. alone could lose up to $7.9 billion in GDP due to a lack of skilled workers to replace an aging workforce. This problem is especially acute in the technology sector. While the economy will create at least 218,000 tech jobs by 2020, there will be an increased demand employees holding the top IT certifications to fill these jobs says a recent job skills report.

With only 6% of graduates holding a degree in an IT field, the demand for employees with top IT certifications who understand networking, cybersecurity or software architecture will only keep growing. If businesses cannot acquire the talent, they open themselves up to risks like cyberattacks. Failing to fill these positions is simply not an option.

If you’re an IT professional, this is good news—your skills will likely be in demand for a long time. One way to stand out is to ‘skill up’ in areas where there is a high demand. To help you decide which skills to focus on, we have compiled our list of the five top IT certifications in Canada right now.

Five IT certifications Canadian employers are looking for

Based on what we hear from our customers and the market, the following are the five top IT certifications that Canadian employers are looking for in 2017 and beyond. Which skills will help you unlock your next career move?

1. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Certified Systems Developer (MCSD certifications

If you want to be recognized as an expert in the world of Microsoft’s technologies, MCSE or MCSD is the certification you need. Microsoft regularly updates its certification paths and as of 2016, these updates will be introduced annually. Microsoft is constantly updating new features to their products, especially in Microsoft Azure, so professionals will need to prove they are up to date.

On September 26, 2016 Microsoft introduced new streamlined Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification paths that make it easier for you to obtain this sought after expert certification.  5 new MCSE & MCSD certification paths were introduced that closely align with industry-recognized areas of competence. To obtain MCSE certification, you only need one additional elective exam after first earning the qualifying MCSA certification. There are five topic areas for certifications and these are recognized by most potential employers:

  • Mobility
  • Cloud and Platform Infrastructure
  • Productivity
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • App Builder

Each of these certifications could open multiple doors and take your career in a whole new direction.

2. VCP6-DCV: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization

Virtualized data centers bring enormous value to businesses, cutting costs and improving efficiency. VMware-certified professionals are, therefore, highly sought after. This certification will provide you with the skills to configure, administer and scale a vSphere virtualized data center. Holding this certificate will also demonstrate your ability to manage a range VMware’s virtualization technologies and network management systems.

3. CompTIA Cloud Essentials

As research from IDC has found, Canadian firms are ahead of the field globally in the adoption of cloud computing. With employers expecting their IT staff to have a solid knowledge of the concepts and technologies in the cloud, now is the time to brush up on your skills. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is one of the top IT certifications for cloud technology, and will provide you with a full introduction to all you need to know.

4. CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification

According to 2016 analysis by PwC, cybersecurity breaches have increased 160% year over year in Canada. Skilled employees with the latest cybersecurity training will be essential in the fight against attacks and leaks. CISSP is among the top IT certifications for management and technical security positions. The certification recognizes that protecting the organization from breaches involves more than firewalls and technology solutions, but also internal change management. CISSP certifcation is widely regarded as the gold standard for IT security, and is recognized worldwide.

5. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification

AWS continues to dominate the cloud technology market and thousands of organizations use Amazon’s services for data processing and management. However, compared to older, more established IT firms (Microsoft, CISCO, VMware etc.), there are relatively few AWS certified professionals. Professionals with any AWS certification will therefore be in high demand to manage projects in Amazon’s cloud. At the Associate level, AWS has certifications for Solutions Architect, Developers and SysOps Administrators. Learn how you can get ready for one of these in-demand AWS certifications here.

Gain a top IT certification in a city near you

There is huge demand in Canada for skilled IT professionals who can help organizations capitalize on the benefits of the latest technologies and protect them from the risks. However, to ensure you can bring real value to your future or current employers, it will be essential to prove your knowledge and experience, and holding one of the top IT certifications in your field will be essential.

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