Free eBook – Enterprise Cloud Strategy

By Carl Sawatzky
Friday, August 4th, 2017

When organizations start talking about cloud migration, the following questions inevitably follow – How do I start? How should I build a plan for cloud migration? How will my organization be affected by this change?Enterprise Cloud Strategy eBook

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This book, based on real-world cloud experiences by enterprise IT teams, seeks to provide answers to these questions. This extensive, 93-page official Microsoft eBook for an in depth look at:

  • early stage experimentation
  • moving to large-scale migration of applications to the cloud
  • transforming your enterprise by taking advantage of the features now available in the cloudwill provide

Download this eBook today and you will see what makes the cloud so compelling to enterprises, how your organization will change, and how skill sets will evolve, and how to exploit the ever-growing feature set that the cloud offers to gain strategic and
competitive advantage.

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