How to Deal with Six Types of Difficult Coworkers

By Carl Sawatzky
Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

how to deal with difficult coworkersIt’s inevitable. At some point you will be working along side someone who can make your work life difficult.  It’s also inevitable that if you don’t do something about the difficult people in your life, you will simply continue to get more of their problematic behavior. The result being low morale, increased conflict and decreased productivity.

To start addressing this problem, it’s crucial to figure out what makes them tick. And although coworkers may be perceived as challenging for any number of reasons, generally speaking, difficult people can be rolled into six main groups. Download this white paper courtesy of Global Knowledge to learn tips on how to deal with these types of people:

  • The Steamroller
  • The Sniper
  • The “Can’t Say No” Person
  • The Know-It-All
  • The Complainer
  • The Staller

Download this paper today and learn how you can take thoughtful action to maintain a happy, healthy place of business!