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July 28 / 2014 Are enterprises ready for the Windows Server 2003 migration?

Windows Server 2003, a network operating system that has been regarded by some as the most reliable NOS Microsoft has released to date, will likely cause a number of headaches for users next summer. Continue reading

July 23 / 2014 8 Word 2013 features that can boost productivity

Aside from the sleek interface characterized by Microsoft Word 2013, the Office productivity application has a number of functions many business professionals will find attractive. Continue reading

July 21 / 2014 Microsoft training course enrollees may learn about AI

Apparently, science fiction films depicting post-apocalyptic scenarios in which an artificial intelligent entity reigns supreme hasn’t deterred Microsoft from investing in machine learning. Continue reading

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May 27 / 2014 Acrodex and ctc TrainCanada partner to provide IT Training solutions to Acrodex Clients

This strategic partnership includes co-marketing and distribution of ctc TrainCanada training services to Acrodex clients Continue reading

April 04 / 2014 Sector Learning Solutions has merged with ctc TrainCanada

Sector Learning Solutions has merged with ctc TrainCanada,...

April 02 / 2014 Managing Office 365 Identities and Services (20346) class added to the ctc TrainCanada schedule

This is a 5-day course that targets the needs of IT...

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