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August 25 / 2014 What businesses need to know about Windows Phone

Windows Phone’s compatibility with Microsoft Office applications is probably the main reason why businesses would consider enrolling their staff in a Microsoft training course dedicated to the mobile front. Continue reading

August 20 / 2014 How can Hyper-V improve customer relationships?

Although an unorthodox assertion, there’s one way in which SQL Server 2012 training can help database administrators improve their company’s customer service. Continue reading

August 18 / 2014 What are the perks of getting an ITIL certification?

In nearly every business segment, professionals seek to employ best practices to improve a company’s overall functionality. Continue reading

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Upcoming Events
September 23 / 2014 Excel PivotTables: Build, Manipulate and Chart Data (Webinar)

In this course you will become more fluent in recording macros and making minor editing changes in Excel VBA. Many tasks, such as the importing and exporting of data, formatting or moving data from sheet to sheet can become repetitive and time consuming. Continue reading

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Company News
May 27 / 2014 Acrodex and ctc TrainCanada partner to provide IT Training solutions to Acrodex Clients

This strategic partnership includes co-marketing and distribution of ctc TrainCanada training services to Acrodex clients Continue reading

April 04 / 2014 Sector Learning Solutions has merged with ctc TrainCanada

Sector Learning Solutions has merged with ctc TrainCanada,...

April 02 / 2014 Managing Office 365 Identities and Services (20346) class added to the ctc TrainCanada schedule

This is a 5-day course that targets the needs of IT...

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